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Please note: we have increased our required minimum for Free Shipping for US Orders - from $300.00 to $500.00.  With costs going up seemingly every day (materials, products, shipping, well... darn near everything), we do our best to keep our prices down and not increase prices every time something goes up unless its substantial and necessary.  In some cases, we have actually been able to lower our prices when we receive better pricing due to quantity or other factors.  All of this has an effect on the bottom line, and we aren't kidding anyone - we have to make a profit doing this and that sometimes makes changes like this necessary.  We still maintain our standard 7.00 Flat Rate shipping cost for US orders despite the cost of Flat Rate boxes having gone up twice in the last year.  We anticipate maintaining this price at least through 2018.

Item Availability:  If we are out of an item, listed under "Availability" is the estimated arrival for more inventory - if known.  The website is the first place we update as we know more about when out of stock items will be available again, and the most accurate.  The ETA is either the scheduled arrival date (usually based on a shipment tracking number), our best estimation (on items that we do not have tracking info on or items on back order), or our target time frame for items we manufacture (we dont always make our target dates and update the website accordingly as we have a better feel for the time frame). Pleas use this information instead of emailing us to ask when we will have more of something in stock.

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