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This item allows you to pay for a copy of the CAD file from a tone board mapping. 

Please specify the serial number of the toneboard you are requesting (it is engraved on the jig and starts with the letter "L" and will have 3 or 4 numbers following it - example :  L123) in the comments box at check out.   If your tone board mapping is old enough to not have a serial number then please supply any information engraved on the jig and an approximate date the file/jig was made to help us identify the correct file.  The various engravings on the jigs have changed a few times since we started back in 2003.  If you have more than one toneboard on file here and are unsure about which one is the one you want please e-mail us and we will help you identify the toneboard you are wanting.

You will receive an e-mail with two files: .DWG and .DXF files from AutoCAD.  The .DWG file will be in AutoCAD version 2004 format and the .DXF file will be in AutoCAD version R12/LT format (this file seems to be the most unilaterally usable file and is why we include it with the.DWG file.)

Standard Toneboard Mapping CAD files are the same files we use for our normal Custom Jigs and Toneboard Milling.  Hi-Res Toneboard Mapping CAD files are mapped at a higher resolution (smaller increments along the tone board).  If you are wishing to purchase a CAD file from an already mapped tone board, unless it was originally mapped in Hi-Resolution, only the Standard Resolution file will be available.  If you require a Hi-Res CAD file of an already mapped toneboard, you will need to send the original prototype back in for remapping.

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