Reelfoot Jig - LIMITED RUN

Reelfoot Jig - LIMITED RUN
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This jig was made using Fred Roe's design (THO and CCO member - with a tutorial using this jig design on the THO Forum), with his permission, blessing, and information from when he had us make a custom jig to his specs.  This is a LIMITED RUN ONLY.  When these jigs are gone, we will not likely run another batch.

The basic specs of the jig are as follows:

- Bore: 3/4"  (.750" +.003/-0.0) with a 1" counter bore for keg end clearance.
- Finished deck height (bottom of 3/4" bore to the top of sound board) is .490" ±.004
- The jig is 3.4" long, and the flat board portion of the jig is 2.78 (+/-.010" on both dimensions)
- Two 1/4"-20 threaded holes along the bottom of the 3/4" bore to secure the keg in the jig (presses it against the top side of the bore), and two 1/4"-20 threaded holes, one on top and one on bottom of the counter bored end, to support the end of the keg in the counter-bored section of the jig (my understanding is this is more to help support the end and hold it centered, than it is to hold the keg from moving - so I would expect these two screws will not need to be very tight - and maybe a piece of Mylar or leather may be used to protect the finish of the keg?).
-  Made from Tool Steel and hardened to 63-65HRc - the blanks are bored, drilled, tapped, and then hardened, I cut the sound board after heat treat to avoid any warping from the heat treating process (same as all of my jigs - customs or publics).
-  Jigs will come with steel - cup point - 3/8" long set screws as well as nylon 3/4" long socket head cap screws - to use at your own preference.  (Fred has told me that on his - he ground the nose of the set screw flat to reduce scarring from the screw - so you may wish to do that to the steel screws that you receive with the jig if scarring is an issue)
-  Lastly - I won't lie, Ive never used one, made a Reelfoot jig, or have any knowledge of making them, or using this jig.  This is why I relied on Fred, Fred's design, and information.  I wont be able to provide much reelfoot specific help, as Im just not knowledgeable about them.

When Fred first gave us permission and asked us to build his design and make it available to the public, he said he did not want any compensation for the design. Despite that, we told him that we were going to, and we are going to pay a portion of each jig sold to Fred because it is his design, and we feel that is the right thing to do.  With out his design, information, and input on the Reelfoot jig - it would have never come to fruition.

Again, this is a LIMITED run...  If all of these jigs sell quickly, we may consider another run with the next batch of jig blanks I do (which is usually once every year to year and a half).  If it takes a year or more to sell all of these, chances are,there will not be another batch.  We mention this just so you know that this may be a one time run of the Reelfoot jigs - and there might not be a second chance.  When these jigs are gone, the item will be removed from the online store.

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