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Preorder has closed for the project that Ivan Hess has spearheaded.   Updates will be sent to Ivan and may also be included below.


11/06/2023:   Material Ordered - Estimated 6-8 weeks - next update will be made after material is recieved.


Deadline:   Pre-order is now closed.  Please do not contacts us asling if we have any more, extras, or can add one for you to this run, this batch run has been closed.   If there are any left over, they will be listed here - first come first serve, no holds, no notifications etc....   Feel free to work on putting together your own batch run of at least 25.   We can make a single jig, but the cost would be over $700.00 for the single jig run after factoring in the batch fee heat treating costs, material, prep, setup, etc...  We'd rather not do a single jig, and we would guess you'ld rather not pay the cost of making a one-off either :D

If you have questions contact Ivan Hess - this is his baby...  He can be found on the Call Nutz FB page if you dont already have his contact info.   Ivan will have updates 

No, we dont know when they will be done.  Plan on 3-4 months (January - February?) - assuming the deposits all come in in a timely fashion.    When the jigs are done, we will let Ivan know, and he will notify folks.   We have 4-8 weeks to wait on material (that will not be ordered until all deposits are in).  Prep machining of the blanks are backlog/work load dependent.  Heat treating will be 2-4 weeks.   Wire EDM cut time on the jigs is backlog/work load dependent and we can only cut 3-6 jigs a day once running.  And of course, we have to add in the holidays that are coming up - Thanks Giving, Christmas, New Years, family time, kid out of school, etc...   You can see how it will add up to "a while".

Yes - there is a Fred Roe Reed Punch... no, it is not cheap.  They are made to order, and a portion of the proceeds go to Fred.  $1200 plus shipping and insurance is the price tag...   A 50% deposit is required to order one.  Contact WEBFoot Custom Calls via the online store to arrange to have a punch made.   (Up front info...   We do not guarantee punches we make for use with anything other than Mylar.   They have been used successfully with other materials such as shim stock - but its a "use at your own risk" situation.)

I dont have much info or experience with making a Reelfoot style call - but I do have a write-up that Fred did back when he first had me run a batch of these jigs:   CLICK HERE!


The fine print on the jigs...

Each Jig will come with 1/4-20 set screws, 1/4-20 nylon SHCS, and 1/8 & 3/16 Allen keys.

$100 deposit - is NON-REFUNDABLE  (unless the batch is canceled due to insufficient quantities by WFCC - at which point a refund for the deposit LESS 5% to cover processing fees etc...)

If the batch size is not at least 25 jigs, the project will not continue unless changes in the price are agreed to by all involved.  Yes, there can be more than 25...   The material order will be based off of the number of deposits made.  Once material has been ordered, it will NOT be possible to add on to the batch.

The final price of the jigs based off of the original material quote is $210 plus shipping (and insurance if you opt for it).  If the material price changes, the end price of the jigs will change by that amount - but we do not expect much of a change, if any, but in todays economic climate its anyones guess.  And yes, if material goes down, so will the price - which could happen if quantities go up notably (this is material supplier dependent).   When the jigs are completed, Ivan will notify you, and this item will be changed over from "Pre-order deposit" to "Remainder Due".   The website will handle the shipping and insurance side of things when the remainder due is paid (no shipping will be added to the deposit - but if you order other items AND the deposit, shipping will be added for the items that will ship separately).

Please dont email us asking when they are going to be done...   We would much rather work on getting things done than typing up emails over and over about when they might be done. :D



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