Sample Pack - *DUCK* (reeds and corks)

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This sample pack includes one of each of the following reeds:   D1-.010", D1 - .014", D2 - .010", D2 - .014", SDR1, WCDR1, WCDR2, WCDR3, WCDR4, WCDR5. (10 reeds in total)
And one piece each (enough for one call) of the following corks/sanoprene wedges: 316DCC, 177SW, 162SW, 1 call worth of 18C-5 and 316HDC (5 pieces in total)

Each reed will be marked with marker identifying part number.

No substitutions, mix & match, or exchanges.  The 316HDC and 18C-5 samples are only one piece large enough for a single call, they are not a full size piece.

*Guts, reeds, and cork are not returnable for health safety reasons (unless defective).  We have no minimum order requirements on guts for this very reason - which allows you to order one of the gut you with to try before you commit to a larger quantity.

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