SR01 - Goose Gut - .625" bore

SR01 - Goose Gut - .625" bore
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The manufacturer has changed the wedge on these guts.  The sound board remained the same, the reed is the same, and to bore fit has remained basically the same - but the wedge has changed design.  The old version had a flat surface and a bar along the front edge on the reed side.  The new version has a bar at the front AND the back.  It has changed the sound created by the gut somewhat, and the manufacturer says it is better than the old version.  But YOU will need to make that decision for yourself.  If you are used to the old version - you will likely notice a slight change.  We suggest that you get a set or two to experiement with before you "stock back up" on SR1s to avoid complications.  Guts are NON-RETURNABLE - so be sure you like what you are going to be getting before buying a large quantity.

We can not tell you if you will like them or not, or how different they will sound to you, or how different they will act in YOUR call, if they act different at all.  YOU will have to try them and see for yourself.  Theoretically, if you do not care for the difference, you should be able to sand off the back "bar", and they should then act like the previous version - since the sound board has not been changed.  We just wanted to be sure people know that there was a change to the wedge so they are prepared for the difference.

PLEASE NOTE!!!  The wedge of these guts is now different!  If you are used to the old version, you may want to try a set or two prior to stocking up.  The Sound board is the same as the old version, ONLY THE WEDGE HAS CHANGED. 

ALL orders for SR1 guts placed AFTER 01/06/2016 at 12:00PM MST will receive the new version of the SR1 gut.  All orders placed BEFORE 01/06/2016 at 12:00PM MST would have receieved the original version of the SR1 gut.


The old version wedge is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  We do not have any, and can not getting any of the old version wedge.


Designed to fit a .625" bore.

WEBFoot's most popular short reed goose call gut for the 5/8" bore size.  This gut is a self tuning design by means of locating tangs at the back of the soundboard that properly locates the reed and wedge.  This is especially useful to beginners.  One may easily alter the reed position either by removing or modifying the tangs.

What guts should I use?  How do I make a goose call?  What bore dimensions should I use? - Click Here

Individual sound boards or wedges are NOT available.  Sold as a set only.

*Guts, reeds, and cork are not returnable for health safety reasons.  We have no minimum order requirements on guts for this very reason - which allows you to order one of the gut you with to try before you commit to a larger quantity.

Technical Information
Bore 0.625" - (5/8")
Reeds SR1-R-15

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