Tone Board R&D Blanks (5/8" x 4.1")

Tone Board R&D Blanks (5/8" x 4.1")
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These blanks are made from Spartech 3/4" Machine Grade Cast Acrylic and are 4.1" OAL, the tenon is .623-.624" diameter (at 70°F) and 2.1" long (perfect for fitting into any of our standard jig blanks), and the unturned section is 2.0" long and approximately .770-.800" OD (machine grade acrylic rod has a varying diameter from the manufacturer).

Clear Cast Acrylic blanks for tone board R&D.  We designed these to help with working up a new tone board design when you have the intention of having a custom jig made from that prototype.  They are accurate but not pretty - we skipped the form and stuck with function.  :D  Why pay for pretty when there is a decent chance it could end up in the trash anyway?

There is usually a slight bow in the rod when it arrives, so the tenon will likely be a bit off center from the un-machined portion - but the end face and the tenon are cut in one process to insure the face is perpendicular to the tenon.  The end result is the area of un-machined surface is basically irrelevant to the mapping of a custom jig and you can easily turn it true while holding the tenon in a collet chuck.

If you wish to use a taper lock-up design, just throw these bad boys in your 5/8" collet chuck and hand turn the taper onto the blank while you have it mounted there for drilling the tone channel.   We are trying to keep the price down on these - so we are not even trying to achieve our normal surface finishes, blending cuts, etc...  The focus is purely on the accuracy in the spots that it matters - nothing more.  They arent going to be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen because we are trying to keep the cost down.  If you are wanting "pretty" AND functional, then you will want to have us run specific blanks for you - using your required dimensions and so forth.

If you are going to adjust the length of the blank on the exhaust face - and intend to have a custom jig made from the prototype if its successful, be sure to turn the end face on your lathe  to make the face perpendicular/square to the tenon after cutting almost to length, as saw cuts are seldom truly square and that causes problems during the jig making process.

See our facebook page if you would like to see the discussion regarding the developement and plans for these blanks!

If you are looking for machined sleeving blanks we can certainly accomodate you.  Minimum orders apply and pricing will depend on all of the features you want included.  As a rough guess at a price range - one might expect to see $3.00 - $5.00 machining cost per part plus material costs.

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