Custom Reed Punch

Custom Reed Punch
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Custom Reed Punches

Please do not order this item without having contacted us first, so that we can provide a quote and let you know which option/amount to select.

General price ranges (starting):  Standard Duck Reed (straight edges, non-critical radius on the corners, simple angles and not longer than 1.70" OAL) $650.00 to $800.00 (longer punches can be made but do cost a bit more due to cutting time on the wire).  Standard Goose Reeds (radiused on both ends, not longer than 1.5" OAL)  $700.00 to $850.00  Goose reeds with a squared back may be a bit less due to one less end needing mapped, but can vary depending on length and width of the reed.  These are general price guidelines.  Reeds MUST have - or be able to have a radius added to any sharp corner that is at least a .020" radius or have dog ears (that will still have the .020" radius on the corners) to prevent the punch from seizing in the die and cracking the die plate and allow for the Wire EDM to physically cut out the die plates.  A punch with absolutely square sharp corners is not possible with the equipment we have.  The wire cut/spark gap radius is .0090" and that is the bare minimum radius - punches made with the minimum radius will not be covered under warranty due to potential cracking of the die plate because of the near sharp corners.

The punch and die plates are made of D2 tool steel for wear/abbrasion resistance, through hardened, double drawn for stress relief, and then ground prior to cutting the profiles on the wire edm.

Actual price will be determined after inspection of the actual reed and a final quote given at that time.  The two main controlling factors in the price of a reed punch are design of the reed (for mapping purposes) and the circumfrence of the reed (the more linear inches of material to cut - the more expensive it will be).  Other factors obviously apply (size of blank, material costs, heat treat, etc..) but do not have near the affect on price as the two previously mention variables.

To avoid increased costs - at some point - some where - on the reed that is at least .100" long.  This allows us to accurately locate and grind off the cut off "nib" left by the wire edm when the punch slug is cut loose of the block.  We can add this in to the cad drawing of your reed or adjust the reed to allow for this and not alter the operation of the reed.  We require this to help maintain quality - and in most situations, it has no impact on the reed itself other than adding a bit of length to the reed in certain applications (such as with double ended goose call reeds or utilizing the flat back of a duck reed).

Reeds should have a flat portion of atleast 0.150" long for best results.  For example: on a double ended goose reed, a flat on both sides that is .150" is great.  Even if the sample does not have the straight section it can be easily added during the mapping process.  If having a .150 or longer flat area is NOT acceptable, please let us know as it will affect pricing and design, and we will have to discuss the location of the blending of the cut off point (hand blended).

These punches are made for punching Mylar material and similar plastics.  They are NOT intended for use with metal shim stock of any kind.  Though they may successfully be used (and have been according to some of our customers), they will NOT be guaranteed and is an "at your own risk" situation, and longevity and service life could be adversely affected.

Contact us PRIOR to ordering this item.  Custom Reed Punches have many variables that affect price and turn around time.  Once a price has been established we will put that custom price on the website for you.

***You must contact us via email before you can order a Custom Reed Punch on the Online Store.  Specific punches will be enabled for specific customers once we have been contacted and quoted a price to you.***

A minimum of a 50% deposit is required prior to any work being done, and payment in full is due prior to shipping out the completed punch.  You may pay in full at any time.

You will need to send your prototype reed to us at: WEBFoot Custom Calls, 14982 County Road 6, Wiggins, CO 80654 - OR - mail/email specific specifcations/cad file/print of the reed before the process can be started.  Be sure to insure the package in case of lose by the shipper if the design is hard to duplicate by hand or is of great value, as WEBFoot Custom Calls is not liable for any items lost by the shipper. 

Turn around time on a custom reed punches will be quite long presently.  We are working on getting a stock pile of punch blanks prepped, hardened, and ground - to be ready to cut the reed shape into.  But it will be a while before we will have them done and ready for regular speedy turn around time.  We will discuss the turn around time based on the availability of blanks during the quoting process.

This service includes measuring, mapping/digitizing (+/- .010" deviation from original profile), converting to CAD format, and cutting the punch and die to match the prototype reed that was sent in. PLEASE be sure to have as even (symmetrical) shaped reed as possible and notate which side you prefer the punch be made from as the punch will have symmetrical sides when completed.  Non-symetrical reed punches can be made, but there is added cost for the mapping process ($100).

Reed punches are equipped with a soft steel handle to align and hold the punch.  Only hammer on the soft steel drift - DO NOT hammer directly on the hardened punch or die.  We recommend using a plastic or lead faced soft-blow or dead-blow hammer that is at least 1 lb. and up to 3 lbs. for best results.  A swift, deliberate, and straight blow from the hammer will yeid the best results and least amount of wear on the punch and die.

Custom tools that are not paid for in full within 90 days of completion may be sold to the public to recoup the cost of manufacture.  Items that do get sold will be sold for the remaining balance due and there will be no refunds for the initial deposit.


WE WILL NOT copy someone else's toneboard, design, reed shape, etc...  for anyone other than the originator of that toneboard.  DO NOT send someone else's tone board or reed for us to copy for you.  If you do, and it is discovered, you will be charged for any work performed up to the point that the infringement is discovered and you WILL NOT receive the jig or punch.  A refund for the remaining balance and the prototype will be returned less shipping charges.  If you have altered a molded insert to your own design, it must be noteably altered by visual inspection.  Minor alterations to the very tip, or a "light pass" with a file on the sound board does not constitute "altered".  We are VERY strict about this policy, and will err on the side of caution rather than accidentally make an unauthorized copy of someone else's intellectual property.

We will make a duplicate of a different originators work, provided we recieve written permission from the originator granting license of the design to you and proof or origination.  We will verify authenticity, and then proceed with making the product.

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