Bandito - Duck (Call Builder) Page loads slowly - please be patient

Bandito - Duck (Call Builder) Page loads slowly - please be patient
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Please contact us if you wish to order a call, as we finish and assemble them to order.

Please be patient, the display utility for the call builder does take some time to load.  The more options, the longer it takes.

Please note:  once you configure a call, if it does not load, try re-selecting the same background color that will force a reload of the image.  Also, the website is unable to enlarge the created image currently.  We are working on a solution for that, and as soon as we have one, we will implement it.  Its a flaw, but we know about it.


We will be making changes to the duck calls here on the site.  It is an attempt at streamlining the duck call section.  All if the different color kegs (inserts-stoppers-etc) listed under the Signature Series AND the Bandito series duck calls are available in either barrel.  But the present configuration does not allow us to track inventory with the inserts and sound board being available in both of the different barrels.

If you desire a keg that is listed on the Signature series duck call page, in a Bandito barrel, please email us and we can get that arranged for you.  You may also elect to have the Signature series sound board on a Bandito, or the Bandito sound board in a Signature series call.

The Bandito Series Calls are based on the history of our call making style with the addition of a band (brass, nickle plated, or no band options).  The "Bandito" utilizes an upslope sound board and is a great all around hunting call.  It covers a large portion of the calling spectrum - from a ringing hail to ducky clucks to a whining hen.

We spent almost 3 years working on this sounboard design for this call, and we hope that you love it as much as we do.  The sound board for this call is an "up-slope reed design" - meaning that the reed is pointing up slightly in relation to the centerline of the call, as compared to a "parallel" design where the reed is parallel in relation to the centerline of the call.  The Bandito also features the new and original WEBFoot Custom Calls  "CT Tone channel" - a new twist on the same old technoligy to add even more duck! 

With lots of range and volume, yet the controlability to get soft and sweet for those close encounters of the fowl kind - your duck strap may get worn out after a season of "The Bandito"

This is a "production" call.  Made in here in Wiggins, CO on our in-house CNC machines.  These calls are machined, polished, assembled, and hand tuned right here in our shop - we dont farm out any part of the process.  Though the parts of these calls may come off a CNC machine, the design, effort, and knowledge is 100% WEBFoot.  Each call is tuned personally by Wade Carpenter and comes with a 10 day money back guarantee (10 days from the day the USPS shows it as delivered to the post mark on the return package)  A machine can only build what its told to...  and if you dont know what you're doing, you can not tell the machine what to do.  So even though this might be a "CNC'd" call, the quality of sound is unsurpassed.  We have always been a "Form Follows Function" company.  If it does not sound good, it doesnt matter if it looks good or not...  what good is a duck call that doesnt sound like a duck?

We hope you have an easier time choosing color combinations than we did.  So many cool colors to choose from its so hard to decide!

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