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Custom Goose Gut Jig
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Contact us first!  We may be out of blanks and do not have plans for another run at the present time!

Standard Gut jig Blanks are for 5/8" guts -but with care, smaller diameters can be used - though it will not be as accurate as .625" guts.  The blanks for the sound board must be at least 1.350" long and the wedge blanks must be at least .575" long.  Maximum board length is 1.700" and maximum wedge length is .750".  We strongly suggest you use a 1.6" long tone board and .600" - .650" long wedge in your plans for designing your own guts if you are planning on having us make a jig for you.   Any dimensions that can not be adjusted to fit within these specs will require additional machine work or possibly a custom blank which will drastically increase turn around time and potentially cost of the jig.  If you can start with gut blanks within the above range it will truly help keep costs and turn around times down.

Soundboards with a radius will also have an additional cost assoiciated with them due to the needed machinery to cut the radius and mapping.  Soundboards with two angles (like most short reed guts) are less expensive because they can be ground rather than needing cut with a Wire EDM though each design dictates the method we use to cut the jig.

These jigs use an end-clamp method rather than set screw and allows access to the top of the gut if you should choose to router or mill the tone channel rather than drill it.

PLEASE NOTE:  Contact us PRIOR to ordering this item.  Odds are that we will need to see the guts in hand before we can finalize the pricing etc...

Custom Jigs can have many variables that may affect price and turn around time. 

In your initial email, please include the following:
1.)  Length of board and Wedge as it is
2.)  Height at the tallest point of both the board and wedge
3.)  Diameter of stock the board/wedge was made from
4.)  Diameter of the dowels you intend to use on the jig
5.)  Bore diameter the guts will be fitting in
6.)  Any information pertaining to the below required specifications and how
or if alterations are possible to make it fit the jig blank.


***   A minimum of 50% deposit must be recieved prior to any work being started. (mapping, drawing, etc...)

Tone boards must be between 1.575 - 1.7" long and wedges must be between .600" - .750" long to work in the pre-prepped jig blanks.  Jig blanks are built with a 5/8" diameter trough for the wedge and gut.  Your prototype gut may be longer or shorter for mapping purposes, but the profile will be extrapolated from the prototype to accurately fit the jigs dimensions.  If the pre-prepped jig blanks are not acceptable - we can make a custom blank for you, but cost and/or turn around time will be greatly increased - contact us with your specific needs so that we may devise a quote for you.

***You must contact us via email before you can order a Custom Jig on the Online Store.  Specific jigs are enabled for specific customers once we have been contacted.***

Sales tax for Colorado residents is NOT included in the above price and will be added when you check out (2.9%).  Insurance included in the price applies only to the jig itself.  If you wish additional insurance to cover the return of the prototype, be sure to add the additional insurance when you check out.

You will need to send your prototype gut to us at: WEBFoot Custom Calls, 14982 County Road 6, Wiggins, CO 80654 before the process can be started.  Be sure to insure the package in case of loss by the shipper, as WEBFoot Custom Calls is not liable for any items lost by the shipper.  Turn around time on a custom jig is usually 5-10 weeks but can sometimes run longer depending on backlog.  Though we are generally faster than the quoted turn-around time, there can be delays depending on time of year and work load.

This service includes measuring, mapping, digitizing, converting to CAD/CAM format, and cutting the jig to match the prototype that is sent in. PLEASE be sure to have as level and even (symmetrical and parallel) tone board as possible.  We take two series of measurements multiple times on each side of the tone channel, and then calculate from them for the path in the CAD file. Any variation from side to side will create inconsistencies in the end product. This is the best we can do with any tone board that is not symmetrical from side to side. If you have a side you would prefer the mapping be done from one side only and the "statistical" process not be done, you must notify us prior to the jig CAD file being made. The more precise your sample, the better the jig... 

Don't trust the jig making process to just anyone, trust WEBFoot, we've been making calls for 20+ years and selling custom jigs for 9+ years and have many happy customers (just ask about us on CCO). Turn around time on a custom jig is generally 5-10 weeks.

Remember, do not sand, grind, or use carbide tools on the jig unless you are purposefully trying to alter the shape.  Our Jigs are designed to withstand normal steel cutting tools with a Rockwell hardness of 60Rc or less - less being better for the jig (typical Nicholson files are approximately 55Rc) but the jigs can NOT stand up to carbide, diamond, grinding or abbrasives (like sand paper).   Our jigs are through hardened A2 tool steel and are 61-64Rc hardness.  We suggest avoiding tools made of material that is harder than 60Rc.  Some import files have been found to be harder than the industry standard of 55-58Rc - use at your own risk.  Some HSS or Cobalt tools (such as RotoZip bits etc) can possibly be harder than 60Rc and may prematurely wear on your jig.  We suggest you test any tool you use on the bottom or corner of the jig to be sure its not removing jig material prior to use on the toneboard portion of your jig.

Do not use a hammer on any hardened part or tool as it may fracture and cause injury.


WE WILL NOT copy someone else's toneboard, design, reed shape, etc...  for anyone other than the originator of that toneboard.  DO NOT send someone else's tone board for us to copy for you.  If you do, and it is discovered, you will be charged for any work performed up to the point that the infringement is discovered and you WILL NOT receive the jig.  A refund for the remaining balance and the prototype will be returned less shipping charges.  If you have altered a molded insert to your own design, it must be noteably altered by visual inspection.  Minor alterations to the very tip, or a "light pass" with a file on the sound board does not constitute "altered".  We are VERY strict about this policy, and will err on the side of caution rather than accidentally make an unauthorized copy.

We will make a duplicate of a different originators work, provided we recieve written permission from the originator granting license of the design to you and us to duplicate it.  We will verify authenticity, and then proceed with making the tool.

Remember, do not sand, grind, or use carbide tools on the jig unless you are purposefully trying to alter the shape.  Jigs are designed to withstand normal steel cutting tools such as files and saws.  Do not use a hammer on any hardened part or tool as it may fracture and cause injury.

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