Shipping Information

What methods do you use for shipping?

We ship USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail boxes.  We DO NOT ship via UPS or Fed-Ex.  We are not set up with UPS or Fed-Ex, and in an effort to keep shipping costs as affordable as possible elected to go solely with USPS.  It is not a convenient method to ship via UPS or Fed-Ex due to our location, nor is it as cost effective for our customers considering the items and weights we typically ship compared to the USPS Priority Mail Folat Rate Box program currently available.

When should I expect my order to arrive/ship out?

 USA Orders:  We ship out packages on Monday through Friday (except holidays) - USPS Priority Mail.  The USPS picks up here around noon.  Orders made Friday after approximately noon through Sunday evening will ship out Monday (except holidays).  Orders made on weekdays after approximately noon, ship out the following morning.

You can look up expected transit times for your location on the USPS website.  Our locations is Wiggins, Colorado, 80654.  Priority mail us generally 2-3 days but is not guaranteed a specific delivery date.

 ***Non-USA Orders:  Out of country orders require more paperwork and that the package be delivered to the postoffice personally.  Therefore, we will ship all forign orders on Monday.  Any foriegn order placed after 9:00AM Monday will not ship until the following Monday.  If we are going into town for any reason, we will take any foriegn orders in to the post office when we go, but there is no set schedule for shipping other than Monday morning.

If you are ordering a custom tool it will ship on the normal shipping days following completion of the tool assuming payment has been received.  All products must be paid for prior to shipping out.  The primary shipping method is via the Unites States Postal Service Priority Mail.  According to the Postmaster, 3-4 days is "usual" but it can be as long as 5-10 days.  Canadian orders vary in delivery times and have been as fast as 7 days and as slow as 6 weeks.  Orders "across the pond" can take 2 to 10 weeks depending on region and shipping climate.

You can look up expected transit times for your location on the USPS website.  Our locations is Wiggins, Colorado, 80654 USA.  International Priority mail us generally 2-4 weeks but is not guaranteed a specific delivery date.  Some countries may be much longer.

Can I track my order?

  We have begun using USPS Pre-Paid Priority Flat Rate Boxes for MOST of our shipments.  If the shipping notification email has a number included, that is the tracking number.  If there is not one, then we do not have one to give you until we have recieved the shipping receipt from the post office approximately 3 days after the package has been shipped.   Any package that requires additional postage to be calculated at the post office, we will use standard boxes, and the tracking number is assigned at the post office.  We will not have the tracking number for 3-4 days - and therefore can not provide it to you at time of shipment.  To maintain efficiency here at the shop, we will not look up tracking numbers unless the package has not arrived within the allotted time frame specified by the USPS (generally 4-7 days). 

Just being honest and to the point here (since it seems in this day and age everyone likes to candy coat things and make excuses) the reason we do not chase down tracking numbers for every package is that it would take a good hour a day - or more - updating tracking numbers from the receipts we get from the post office - and likely by the time we get the numbers to update the orders, 70-80% of them would have already been delivered.  So we figure, we can spend that hour running parts, packing orders,  and working in the shop making money.  If we have to spend that time updating tracking numbers - we arent getting work done and therefore would have to start charging more for our products.  So its a trade off - always get tracking numbers or keep prices down.  Express mail is an option and does receive a tracking number when shipped out (because its on the express label), and is explained below.

Most International orders do not have tracking available (Small flat rate packages are not trackable as per the USPS).  The only type of package identification available is the Customs Form Identification Number and can only be tracked on Medium and Large Flat Rate Priority Mail packages.  The majority of international orders ship in the Small Flat Rate box and can NOT be tracked internationally.  We make no guarantees on packages shipping outside the U.S.A. - Insurance is not available on Small Flat rate packages as per our Post Master.

My package has not arrived - what should I do?  What will you do about it?

We do not insure any package unless insurance was added during the check out process by the customer.  We are not responsible for items lost by the shipper unless insurance was added at checkout to the purchase.

If you have not revieved your package; within 4-7 business days in the U.S.A. or 4-6 weeks for non-U.S.A. packages, contact us for any available tracking, customs forms, or insurance form numbers.  Please provide is with your order date and order number given when the order was placed (this will be on the email confirmation you received and is also available by logging into your account and viewing your order history).  We will check with our post office about the missing parcel, but it is advised that you also check with your local post office as well.

You can file insurance claims on the USPS website.

Rush Orders and Expedited Shipping:

Our post office is small enough that they DO NOT guarantee Express Mail will be delivered the next day.  They guarantee it 2nd day, and sometimes it can take a 3rd day - which is usually when normal priority mail would arrive anyway.  The USPS charges the same rate as "Next Day" from the larger post offices.  So one ends up paying for next day service for something they will not get until the 2nd or 3rd day.  In addition, the ONLY Express box we have on hand (and is the smallest Flat Rate express box available at this time) is the Medium Size Flat Rate Express box, which adds an additional 37.30 to the regular shipping price (USA shipments). 

If you require express shipping, Click here to add the express mail up-charges, be sure to choose the appropriate option to add to the cart (USA orders, Canada orders, or International - non-North America orders)  Choosing the improper add on will delay the shipment of your order until the proper amount has been paid.  In the event of an express shipment, we will email the shipping number when the shipping history is updated.

We DO NOT ship via UPS of Fed-Ex.

Why dont you ship out on Saturday?

We don't ship out on Saturday because of our location on the route.  Our packages are picked up after the post office closes for the day.  So those packages shipped on Saturday just sit in the post office until Monday afternoon when the mail from Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and Monday goes out.  It was creating issues for us because customers were complaining that we had marked their package as "shipped" on Saturday, but when they recieved it, the post mark was dated the following Monday.  Since there is no increase in delivery speed, we quit shipping out packages on Saturday.

Shipping Costs:

We DO NOT charge "Handling" or "Packaging" fees.  We feel that both of those "processes" are part of doing a mail-order/web based business and are part of the price of the goods, NOT something extra to charge for at checkout, so that our prices appear cheaper than everyone else only to gig you later on handling, packaging, and inflated shipping prices.   We charge what it costs to ship the package, and we dont "mark-up" our shipping costs.

USA Customers:  USPS Priority Mail - Insurance is additional

Up to 30lbs – under $500.00


Packages over 30 pounds

Contact Us

Orders over $500.00 and under 70lbs 1


1  -- You must select "Free Shipping" at checkout.  Free shipping is an option that is enabled when the order goes over $500.00, but you must select the Free Shipping option or the cart will charge you shipping.  WEBFoot Custom Calls reserves the right to ship using its choice of shipper (USPS) and choice of shipping method (1st Class, Priority Mail, Standard Mail, etc) - If you require Priority mail we suggest you touch base with us prior to making your order or select the NON-FREE shipping alternative - which will be USPS Priority Mail. 

Free Shipping for orders over $500.00 does not apply to WEBFoot Services (CNC turning, boring, drilling etc...) or non-USA orders. Shipping for CNC and other work will be added once the order is completed based on the size and or number of boxes required.


*** International package costs vary depending on the country.  We ship ONLY via USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail.  The website will calculate the shipping at the check out page.  If there are not shipping options for your destination country, that means we are not set up to ship to your country.

*Orders containing bulky, but light items such as call bags may be subject to additional shipping costs (have to be shipped in the next larger box).  We will contact you prior to shipping if this should occur.

*** Non-USA customers - PLEASE NOTE:  You will be responsible for any taxes, duties, tarrifs, or fees associated with importing products from the USA into your country.  These fees are generally collected by your local postal/mail service.  We will NOT falsify the value of the contents of your order or mis-classify them.  Most of our products are made in the USA, but some items are made in other foreign countries.  All rules and regulations set forth by the United States Postal Service, United States of America, and the destination company will be followed.  Any items that are not allowed to be shipped or delivered to any country will not be shipped and you will be contacted by us.

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