***PLEASE READ*** Payment-Shipping Address changes

Attention All Customers: 
Due to increased fraud, we have had to make changes to how we will accept/ship out orders.   The address you are shipping to MUST BE on file with your card company or Paypal account.
Credit Card Purchases:   The billing and shipping address must be the same, and on file with your credit card company - and it must be entered the same as it is on the card company's system or the transaction will be declined.   It appears that differences in abreviations can cause the transaction to be declined.  Example:   12345 Morgan County Road 12 and 12345 MCR 12 - though meaning the same, are different from one another.   After 3 consecutive declined transactions - your IP address and card number will be locked out for at least 30 minutes (an anti-fraud effort policy of the payment processor) so its better to get it right the first time.  Again, if the addresses do not match what the card issuing company has on file - the payment WILL BE DECLINED/VOIDED/REFUNDED.   We will NOT change a shipping address via email request - it will ship to the confirmed address on the payment email - irrelevant of the address used on the shopping cart information.  We will ONLY ship to verified/confirmed addresses.
If your payment is declined - check your email before attempting again.   You should receive a "declined email" that will tell you why it was declined - and since you only get 3 times before getting locked out - it might be helpful to know why before trying again.  If you do not receive the email, please feel free to contact us, and we will check the reason for the decline.  If its address/security related, we are notified.  If its for some other reason (if the address and all security measures are satisfied, such as CVV2 number correct etc...) such as over the limit, that specific card issuers anti-fraud system, or other reasons related to your specific account, we will not like have any additional information other than "it was declined - everything else was fine".
PayPal Purchases:  Paypal confirms your address when you create your account, so generally it should be more conenient and less problematic.  BUT, we will NOT ship your order to ANY OTHER address than the one that shows up on the payment confirmation email that is listed as "confirmed".   Please be aware of this, and if you require something shipped to a different address than your confirmed address, that you have it set up on your Paypal account, and that it shows that address as confirmed.  Anything that negates the "Seller Protection" portion of the Paypal process will not be accepted.  It suggested to make a comment on your order at checkout stating that you are shipping to a different address and that you have added that address to your PayPal account.  This will bring added attention to your order so that if the payment email shows the billing address instead of the shipping address - we know to contact you first.  We will NOT change a shipping address via email request - it will ship to the confirmed address on the payment email - irrelevant of the order information.   You can also use PayPal as the processor for a credit card payment without having an account.  How the two different processors compare with their information is currently unknown...  but as long as seller protection shows as eligable on the payment email, we will accept it.   It may be an alternative in the even that the regular credit card processing website (eprocessingnetwork.com) continually declines the transaction and your issuing bank says that all information used was valid.
Shipping to an address other than your billing addrest:  It may not be so easy if you are not willing to add that address to your credit card profile information with the issuing bank or PayPal.  You may want to contact us first.  It may become a situation where a money order or cashiers check will need to be mailed.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause - but we just can't afford the charge backs, loss of product, payment, and fees associated with a fraudulent payment.  Its been a tough year despite the thieves...  add them in to the mix and its just more than we can absorb and still survive.
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