Where can I get ...?

You may notice a recurring theme... the good ole search engine and the call making forums.  They can lead you to A TON of good information as well as sources and info we dont even know about.  Its worth a look!

Acrylic:  Delvies, Total Plastics, US Plastics, K-mac, and on and on...  a quick search online for "cast acrylic rod" will get tons of places to check.  Not to mention, the forums!

Collet Chucks:  We started carrying then in Feb of 2012 - check out the online store for Beall Collet Chucks (made in the USA!)  There are lots of places carrying collet chucks of varying styles... if the one we carry doesnt suit your needs, many of the wood working suppliers have their own rendition.  But you might consider asking what country they are made in... just so you know who your money is supporting.

Custom Jig copied from a big name call company:  Not here... we will NOT copy a sound board for anyone other than the originator, unless written permission is given by the originator.

Delrin/Acetal:  Some of the same sources for acrylic carry acetal/delrin.  Other sources are Onlinemetals.com, Enco, MSC, and many others.  A quick search will yeild many places to call for pricing.

Drill bits:  Everywhere... you almost cant throw a rock on the internet and not hit some company that sells drill bits.  We sell drill bits that are ground specifically for acrylic, but dont carry bits specifically for wood because they are so readily available.

0.616"-0.618" reamers for the sub 5/8" guts:  We finally found a vendor for chucking reamers in the sub 5/8 gut sizes.  .616" and .618" are on our online store, as well as .625".  Reamers will need to have an undersize hole drilled, then use the reamer.  We suggest a 39/64 hole, and then ream to size.

Lathe Chucks (scroll type):  Google and the various forums are the answer you seek here...  We dont use any of the ones designed for wood laths, and have no experience with them.  But there are tons of posts about them on the various forums like CCO and THO as well as many more.

Mandrels:  Did you happen to browse through our online store?  Might wanna take a look, you might surprise yourself at what you find. :D

More info on call making:  The forums is the first place we suggest - such as CCO or THO.  Tons of information and helpful people throughout the forums.  Also many wood working forums discuss call making as well.  There are some links and information on our main site under the help section.

Stabilized Wood:  Again, a search engine is your friend, or the forums...  we dont use much in the way of stabilized material, so arent familiar with all the places to get it.  But have heard good reviews of WSSI, Woodsure, and staburlsales.com.

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