About Us

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 WEBFoot Custom Calls first started in 2002 as a tiny little company (okay, one man band) in Idalia Colorado, with call making on the brain.  Prior to WEBFoot Custom Calls, the calls really didn't have a name, they were only identified by shape and a "W R C" burned into the face of the barrel.  Once WFCC was born, it was eat, drink, and sleep the next call to come off the lathe.  After the first year of making calls and fighting the age old problems all call makers used to face, it was time to look into getting some different equipment so that it would be possible to make some of the tools so desperately needed that were not available "off the shelf".  That was the beginning of the WEBFoot Custom Calls you know today.

After investing in a small and cheap metalworking "multi-machine" - one of those 3 in 1 deals, a whole new avenue of obsessions kicked in.  Finally, after sleepless nights and sweating to the oldies in the garage, what is now known as the MVS was 'born' from ideas seen in old wood working books from the library and input from others.  After a few of the mandrels were in use, friends asked "what