All of our jigs are made from through hardened tool steel - not with cheaper material that merely receives case hardening.  The jigs are prepped for the bore size and set screws and then hardened.  Once the jigs are hardened to 62-65 RC, the mapped profile is plugged into the computer, (measurements on an X -Y grid), and the Wire EDM cuts the hardened steel.  Cutting the hardened condition steel results in higher accuracy because of the 'flex' or 'warp' that is inherent with the hardening process.  If one were to cut the profile and then harden the jig the odds are high that there would be changes in the profile cut as well as increase the risk of cracking.  The end results are amazing. 

Once the jig is cut, a measurement for the depth (length) of the sound channel is scribed on the side of the jig with a carbide or diamond scribe.  This scribe mark helps you to get the proper tone channel length every time.  The main advantages of WEBFoot Custom Jig making service is that the process does not damage the original prototype and is done by Wade Carpenter, who has over 32 years if call making experience and over 13 years of experience making jigs for call makers. 

Remember, do not sand, grind, or use carbide tools on the jig unless you are purposefully trying to alter the shape.  Jigs are designed to withstand normal steel cutting tools such as files and saws.  Do not use a hammer on any hardened part or tool as it may fracture and cause injury.

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