Terms of Service & Use

Read this!  You want to know what is in here!

***   Shipping to an address that is different than the billing address?

We ONLY ship to the address listed on the payment email we receive from PayPal (the notification we get that you have paid for your order).  If you wish to ship to an address other than the Billing Address - that different address MUST BE LISTED ON THE PAYPAL EMAIL WE RECEIVE AS "SHIPPING ADDRESS - Confirmed".  It ships to the address on the PayPal email or it doesn't ship. 

We will NOT ship to any other address than what is listed as the confirmed shipping address on the PayPal notification email - this includes the "ship to" address listed on the WEBFoot Custom Calls Online Store Account that was created - We have not yet figured out how to remove this page from the account/checkout pages but we are working on it.  Reason for this rule...   increase in online fraud - and we cant afford it.

Restocking Fee, Payment Processing Fees, Returning Items (repackaging fee): 
-  Orders that are canceled, refunded, returned, etc... will be subject to the cost of the payment processing fee charged by PayPal.   And payment fees will be deducted from the amount of the refund.  Usually around 3.5-4%
- 10% Restocking fee may be applied to canceled/refunded/returned orders.   This is at our discretion and will be determined on a case by case basis.  Best to plan on it, and be surprised if we don't charge it.  If we packed your order prior to canceling it, odds are good that we will charge the restocking fee along with the processing fees.
-  NO RETURNS ALLOWED on any products that would come in contact with saliva in normal use, custom tools, or normal stocking tools that have been used.  Reeds, Corks, Guts, Wedges, Custom tools (custom jigs, modified mandrels, etc...) are all NON-RETURNABLE.  We will NOT bend this rule - even if you bought 1000 sets of guts.

-  Jigs, Mandrels, Drills, Reamers, etc. may only be returned if they have NOT BEEN USED.
-  We will charge for repackaging, cleaning, etc... of returned items that are not received in NEW condition.   This includes surface rust from handling prior to returning and other cases of lack of care.  The fee will be determined on a case by case basis - typically 10-30% of the items price, but it may be more. If you are returning something - we expect to get it back in the exact same condition in which we packaged it to send to you.  Protect your refund by protecting your returned items.


ALWAYS WEAR THE APPROPRIATE SAFETY EQUIPMENT WHEN WORKING WITH ANY OF THE TOOLS ON THIS SITE.  Safety Glasses are a must when working in the shop, use safety equipment at all times.  Hearing protection is a must when working around running machines such as Lathes, Drills, Saws, etc... 

Please be careful using the various products listed on this site.  Many items are small enough to be considered a choking hazard.  Please keep small part and plastic packaging away from children.

Do NOT hammer, grind, or sand on any tools from WEBFoot Custom Calls.  The tools are not designed to be altered.  Some tools are hardened, and in the process become brittle.  If hammered upon, dropped, or impacted, there is a possibility of chipping, breaking, or cracking the tool.   If altered, the process may create unsafe conditions for the user such as dangerous air born particles.  If any tool is altered, it is not covered under warranty, nor is WEBFoot responsible for any damages incurred due to alteration of the product or misuse of any product sold.

Welcome to WEBFoot Custom Calls LLC Online Store. If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern WEBFoot Custom Calls LLC