Do you have a phone number?

We do NOT have a phone in the shop.  We also do not have long distance service on our home phone line, we only got the phone because we were required to by the phone company to get DSL.  We do everything by email.

I want to order an item that shows "in-stock" but at check out it says "Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!" - what's the deal?

The way the system handles products that have "options" such as size or color, it shows the total quantity of ALL the similar items, for example Gutserts.  There are 3 different sizes of Gutserts, on the main product page, it will show how many Gutserts of ALL sizes are in inventory, then when you select the bore size you require, the quantity of that size is shown in brackets [qty] in the drop down list.  The problem comes from the software allowing you to add more than available to the cart - based of the total of ALL items, but when you go to Checkout, it calculates the amount of items of that size that are available - creating the confusion.  If you order more than are available, just update your cart to match the quantity of items available shown in the drop down box, and the errror will clear.  We are hoping that with the next version of software, this will be fixed.

Where's the darn "Checkout" button?
Yeah, its a little less obvious than one would like huh?  It is on the top, far right of the page, just below the search bar.

How do I get to your regular site's home page?  I'm trapped here!
By clicking HERE!  Or you can click on the banner on the online store home page.

The Online Store will not work for me - what do I do?
Check to be sure that you have enabled cookies for www.webfootcustomcalls.com, and that you have allowed scripts to be run from this site.  If you are running Internet Explorer Version 6, you may not be able to use the online store due to software conflicts - we suggest using the latest version of Mozilla FireFox.  We suggest Firefox 7 or 8, or Google Chrome over Internet Explorer of any version.

What payment methods do you accept?
WEBFoot Custom Calls accepts Checks, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, Postal Money Orders, Cash, PayPal, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).  Our credit card sales are processed through eProcessingnetwork.com their secure server.

I want to order something that is not in stock yet, what do I do?
You will have to wait until product is available to place your order for the out of stock items or contact us in advance so that we can make arrangements for you to order those items.

Ordered products were "In Stock!" but I received an email saying there will be a delay, what now?
We do our best to maintain our inventory so that we do not have out-of-stock situations, but it still happens on occasion.  We do everything we can to maintain accurate inventory levels in the online store, but errors can and will likely happen at some point.  In the event there is an error between the online store inventory and actual inventory, we will split ship your order at our expense.  You will receive the items that were in stock on the normal shipping schedule and the out of stock items will be shipped when they arrive.  Please remember, if you order an item that is not in stock and require a split ship - you will be expected to pay shipping for two separate orders.

How do I order custom tools?
This is a little tricky with the online store.  It is best to email us first so that we can discuss the custom tool and make the necessary arrangements so that you can pay via your preferred method.

Returns - What can I return if I don't want or can't use it?
Due to the nature of most of the products on this site, the majority are either not returnable or have strict stipulations surrounding the return of the product.

  • Call making guts, reeds, corks/wedges/sanoprene, and molded inserts are NON-RETURNABLE unless defective. (which will be at the discretion of WEBFoot Custom Calls)  For the health, safety, and well being of our customers, we can not take the chance of accepting returns for items that may come in contact with saliva or other bodily fluids for health reasons.  This non-returnable policy is the exact reason why we do not have minimum order quantities on our guts.  We feel since one can not return guts if they do not "work out", the customer should be able to purchase one set to try out before they commit to a larger quantity.
  • Custom Tools: In general any custom tool is not returnable due to the specialized nature of the tool to the customer.  In rare occasions, some custom tools may be so similar to a normal production item that WEBFoot may deem a return acceptable.  This is on a case by case basis, and the likelihood of accepting a return for a custom tool is very small.  Keep in mind, though you may not be able to return a custom tool, there are many forums and websites where you may be able to sell a tool that you no longer want.
  • Standard Tools: You may return standard tools that are sold in the online store provided they are in "as new" condition, unused, no scratches, visible markings, or induced defects.  WEBFoot retains the right to refuse any return if the condition, reason, or means of return is suspect as deemed by WEBFoot Custom Calls.  If you are returning a metal tool,. be sure to send it back the same way we sent it to you - including silica packs, paper wrapping, etc.  Those things are done to help protect the item from rusting.   If you have handled the item, we suggest wiping it down with a little oil on a rag.  The moisture/humidity and salts from your skin can cause rust to occur during shipping back to us.  You will be responsible for that condition.

How do I make a duck or goose call?
That's a LOADED question!  Without writing a complete book on the subject, which has been done by a couple authors, let me give you some places to look for some good info on making calls.  Check out the Support section and the Links section in the Main Menu.  There you will find links to forums, websites, published materials, and tips and tricks from call makers.  There is a ton of information out there!  Don't forget that any of the major search engines can help you find what ever you are looking for!

When should I expect my order to arrive?
We ship out on weekdays/regular business days via USPS Priority Mail.  If you are ordering a custom tool it will ship on the normal shipping days following completion of the tool assuming payment has been received.  All products must be paid for prior to shipping out.  According to the Postmaster, when shipping Priority Mail, 3-4 days is "usual" but it can be as long as 5-10 days.  Canadian and non-USA orders vary in delivery times and have been as fast as 7 days and as slow as 8 weeks.

I want to have you CNC some call parts, what do I need to do?
For more information check out the information articles in the category list!

Why don't you accept PayPal?  NOW WE DO!
After lots of requests - we now accept PayPal.   But we do not like them.  Here is the reason we did not accept PayPal for so long (aka our reasoning for not accepting PayPal at the time) and why we still don't like them.  Add those items to the fact that they charge higher fees than our standard credit card processor - its hard to really be fond of them..

"This is bit of a story...  A while ago, eBay instituted a Firearms policy following the Virginia Tech Tragedy.  In the process it became apparent to us that eBay had and was maintaining a tendency towards Anti-gun preferences.  As that progressed it became apparent that eBay was and is an anti-gun organization by it's actions (if you wont allow certain firearm related items your part of the problem).  At that time, we suspended all use of eBay and its affiliates (as best we know)...  which includes PayPal.  We feel, since the root of our business, hobby, past time, obsession, or what ever you might call the affliction of call making and calls, is based on hunting, and hunting revolves around firearms that it would be irresponsible to knowingly support anti-gun entities.  Therefore, we do not accept PayPal payments.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

Can I link to your website from my own site?

Yes!  Feel free to link to our site.  Though we ask that you do not link directly to images on the site as it increases the bandwidth used and can slow the site down.  If you do link to our site, we would like to be informed of the link via email with a link to where you have placed out link.

Are there quantity discounts for guts?
Yes - for large quantities and Wholesalers.  Please contact us for quantity pricing if it is not already on the product's page.

Do you manufacture tools for others to sell?
Sure do!  If you have an idea you want us to build for you, an idea you think we should investigate for a new product on our site, or want to sell some of our current products under your own name email us and let's talk about it.

Do you have a reseller's program for people that want to resell your products?
Yes.  Contact us with the products you are interested in reselling and we can work on the details with you.  We are also working on an "Affiliate" program.  Hopefully that will be available soon.

I have a set of guts or call making tool I'd like you to sell on your site, what do I do?
Email us!  That's all there is to it.  We suggest, prior to emailing us, that you get some basic information rounded up and include it in the email.  Information such as: Pricing (both cost and suggested retail), minimum purchase quantities, payment terms, pictures of the item, description of the item, and any other pertinent information.  Before an item will be accepted we will need at least one sample of the item to review for quality, performance, and specifications (your sample will be returned to you if requested).