BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR DRILL CHUCK SIZE CAPACITY!  Straight shank bits have the SAME SIZE SHANK as the SIZE OF THE DRILL BIT.  Few standard size drill presses have drill chucks that will handle any larger shanks than 1/2" - and therefore ANY drill that is a straight shank and larger than the capacity of your drill chuck WILL NOT FIT!  The JSA1932, JSA3964 and JSA58 are all common drills for call making all require a drill chuck larger than 1/2" where as the RSA1932, RSA3964 and RSA58 will fit in a 1/2" chuck.  Usually 5/8" or 3/4" chucks are only on larger drill presses and they are not common on small drill presses you find at most box stores etc.  You will need a reduced shank drill bit which is listed in the Reduced Shank Category if your drill chuck is smaller than the size of the drill bit you intend to order.  Please check your chuck size prior to ordering.

5/8" Diameter Jobber Bit with WFCC's acrylic grind on the point.  Point is 90°

For usage Information on using Acrylic Drill Bits - Click Here!

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5/8" (.625") Acrylic Drill - 5/8" Shank

  • $37.00

  • 10 or more $30.00

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